The Huston Interviews of Carl Jung 8-9 August 1957 with Dr. Richard Evans

The Interview can either be obtained in youtube or in a written form in the Bollinger Series “C.G. Jung speaking”.

Dr. Richard I. Evans interviews Jung, giving us a unique understanding of Jung’s many archetypes theories, human behavior-patterns, Anima & Animus, dream-analysis, his relationship with Sigmund Freud and his theories in general. Jung comes acrross as caring, funny and cristal clear and highly personable human healer. The dialogue in this volume is the actual transcript of the author’s filmed interviews with Dr. Carl Jung in Zurich, Switzerland, in summer 1957 four years before death. It presents the most exciting and lucid presentation of Jung’s fundamental concepts yet recorded. Jung, reacting spontaneously to an orderly sequence of questions, commented on Freud, Adier, and on their theories; and on topics such as: The Unconscious, the Role of Sex, Introvert-Extrovert Theory and Motivation; and Psychological Testing, Psychotherapy, and Mental Telepathy. In an added section. Professor Evans presents a transcript of his filmed interview with Dr. Richard Evans — not a great interviewer.

Jung quipped and sparkled, seemed to enjoy the whole thing immensely. Much of what he said was highly interesting and quite to easy to follow – in a way an introduction to his psychoanalytic system which he explains lively.  In this Jung on Film, the pioneering psychologist Carl Jung tells us about his collaboration with Sigmund Freud, about the insights he gained from listening to his patients’ dreams, and about the fascinating turns his own life has taken. Brilliant are his case studies. In this most interesting volume, Jung explains many of his concepts/models in response to interviews, questions, etc. giving the information a different slant & providing needed context on the spot. Topics include: psychological types, anima/animus,  individuation vs. therapy, non-politically correct views on the differences between men & women, the persona (societal image/roles), mandalas as images of the Self, psychosomatic illnesses, Rorschach tests, mythology & archetypes, psychotherapy & the transference, the nature & value of marriage, Plato, astrology, & more.