With over seventy African tribes, the myths, gods and goddesses of this continent are both plentiful and enthralling.

  • African Bushmen Creation Myth: This African explanation for the creation of life features Kaang, the Great Master and Lord of all Life.
  • Comparison of Four African Creation Myths: This paper details the similarities found in four creation myths found in different African cultures.
  • African Flood Myths: Similar to the Christian biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, these myths of a great flood engulfing the earth are from different tribes in Africa.
  • African Gods: This listing of common African gods also offers mythological information for each.

The Americas

Although there were literally dozens of Native American tribes in North and South America, a study of their separate mythologies will uncover startling similarities due to their nature-based religion.

  • Iroquois Creation Myth: This Native American tale of how life came to be shares surprising similarities to the creation stories of other ethnicities.
  • Native American Volcano Myths: This site retells the myths and legends Native American people created to explain volcanic eruptions.
  • How the World Was Made: This Cherokee legend explains the creation of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Mythology of the Mayans: This site explains Mayan explanations for different planets, the sun and the galaxy.

The Celts

Based on pagan nature worship, Celtic mythology can often be bloody and brutal but also shows an affinity with nature that is surprisingly gentle. Much of modern Christian practice has roots in ancient Celtic tradition, which makes this mythology endlessly fascinating.

  • The Banshee: The death messenger of Celtic legend is explained in detail.
  • Celtic Mythology: This extensive site features articles on many different aspects of Celtic mythology including The Druids, Celtic gods and more.
  • Oisin in Tir na n-Og: Featuring the Celtic hero Oisin, this is one of the most famous myths of the Celts.
  • Three Late Poems: These poems by Yeats were inspired by Celtic myths and heroes.


The builders of the pyramids had a complex and sophisticated pantheon of gods and goddesses that encompassed literally every aspect of life. Most Egyptian deities were a unique blend of animal and human, perhaps one of the reasons their religion and mythology is especially exciting to children today.

  • Horus: This Ancient Egyptian legend of Horus explains the creation and purpose of the sun.
  • The Egyptian Culture Reflected in Worship: This article examines how Ancient Egyptian religion and mythology related to their everyday life.
  • Myth of Creation: Brief retelling of the Ancient Egyptian myth of the creation of the world.
  • Ancient Egyptian Cosmology: Interesting site about how Ancient Egyptians explained the sun, moon and heavens in myth and legend.

Eastern Asia

China, Japan and Korea are especially ripe with stories and myths lovingly handed down from generation to generation. This is also the section of the world that brings us the origin of the dragon, perhaps the most popular mythological creature of all time.

Greece and Rome

The mythologies of Greece and Rome have spawned countless books, movies and television shows, and the familiar, almost human exploits of their gods have made their ancient religions irresistible to modern man because it is so easy to identify with the deities of Mount Olympus.

  • Creatures in Greek Mythology: An interesting look at a variety of creatures from Greek mythology, including the Cyclops and Medusa.
  • The Titans: This listing of the Titans, or older gods, of Greek mythology includes each one’s purpose and their lineage.
  • Greek Mythology: Gods, Titans and More!: Geared towards children, this site offers an exciting introduction to Greek mythology and many predominant mythological figures.
  • Roman Mythology: Although Roman mythology is heavily “borrowed” from the Greeks, this page offers articles on many of the main Roman deities and heroes under their Roman names.


Hindu mythology is perhaps one of the most foreign to westerners. Cloaked in mystery and an abundance of unfamiliar gods, Indian myth and legend is sure to delight those who are brave enough to delve into this exotic territory.

Northern Europe

From Odin to Thor, Norse mythology continues to inspire popular culture, perhaps because the exciting, bloody exploits of the spirited Viking gods translates so seamlessly into action-packed cinematic adventures.

  • Norse Mythology: Comprehensive listing of gods and goddesses in Norse mythology and their function.
  • Timeless Myths: Norse Mythology: This site contains several legends and myths of the gods and heroes of Norse Mythology.
  • Family Tree of Norse Mythology: This clever diagram allows an easier understanding of the complex mythological lineage of Norse deities.
  • Ragnarok: The End of the World: Similar to the Christian apocalypse, Ragnarok is the Nordic version of the end of all times, and the legend of this inevitable happening is retold on this site.

South Pacific

Somewhat similar to Native American spirituality, the intricate nature-based belief system of Hawaii and the South Pacific islands has many fascinating stories and legends that are often told through mele oli (chanting) and mele hula (dancing).


Hidden in the myths and legends of every culture are fantastic creatures, monsters and beasts. Sometimes awe-inspiring but more often terrifying, these creatures range from the familiar to the obscure, and are sure to fire up the imagination, and perhaps a nightmare or two.

King Arthur

Although his true existence is hotly debated, the medieval legend of King Arthur and Camelot is synonymous with a noble, idealized period in British history that can still invoke nostalgia today. Rife with ladies, knights, and sorcery, the tales of King Arthur have the ability to inspire romance and honor in even the most disenchanted person.

Mythological Symbols

Great stories inspire great artwork, and symbols, pict and mythology have somehow always gone hand in hand. Perhaps it’s the spiritual significance of these legends and beliefs that makes showcasing them with permanent body art so special. Whatever the reason, some of the most haunting and beautiful tattoos are inspired by mythological icons and symbols.

  1. Celtic Symbols: Offers some history of tattoos from Celtic mythology, as well as design examples.
  2. Asian and Oriental Dragons: This site explains the nine types of dragons from Chinese legend, and offers dragon tattoo artistry.
  3. Phoenix TSymbols: Gallery of art depicting this legendary bird of fire as a symbol of rebirth.
  4. Mythology Symbols Artwork, ideas and inspiration for mythological Symbols.

From Russia to Australia, there are fascinating mythologies to discover from every country and period of time.

  • Australian Aborigine Creation Myth: The Father of All Spirits and The Sun Mother create life on earth in this classic Aboriginal legend.
  • Russian Folklore: This list of links delves deep into Russian stories and legends.
  • Myths and Legends of Mexico: Both ancient Mayan and Aztec and more contemporary legends are explored on this site.
  • American Folklore: Hailing from all fifty states, this campfire stories, ghostly tales and ethnic myths and legends all help paint a picture of contemporary American mythology.

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