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I am Management Consultant born in Munich. The emphasis of my personal experience has been on living and working all over the world. Travel is my middle name. I am interested in reading, Art, Philosophy, Travel, IT-Technology, Science, Sport and last but not least my family.

I love to experience different cultures, to meet people and work with them. I am a gentle person, did not grow up yet, like to talk and to laugh even or especially about myself. I got two great kids and a wife.


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12 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for the award. Very kind of you: http://artofstumbling.wordpress.com . I hope you will get all your wishes fulfilled. I experienced though, fulfilled wishes cause all the trouble…

      OMG another eleven random facts about myself.

      1. I learned rollerblading in San Diego – an early adopter in my city.
      2. I broke my wrist ice-skating my first and only fracture so far.
      3. I got my PADI Open Water Diving license in Ko Lanta.
      4. Last time I did a black run was in Aspen.
      5. First time in a plane was a Cessna flown by a military Jet Pilot (won the flight in a sport competition). He tried hard to get me drowsy.
      6. I got scars on my legs are from a car accident in India.
      7. I never missed a plane (hate running to the gate though).
      8. I have relatives in three continents. Actually I see this as an advantage.
      9. I first met my second / current wife at an airport.
      10. I used to be good in Math in school.
      11. I will retire in one year

      My answer to you questions
      1.What’s your favorite book?

      Homo Faber, Max Frisch

      2. Your favorite film?

      Ashes of Time, Wong Kar Wai

      3. Do you have any nicknames?

      Yes :). Today I prefer Avatars.

      4. Do you play any musical instruments?

      Sorry only CD Player.

      5. Have you ever had surgery?

      Yes. Fixing my wrist. Some others, but nothing serious.

      6.What’s your favorite food?

      Vietnamese (e.g. veggie rolls): In summer wheat beer (considered food by my state)

      7.What are you afraid of?

      To be buried (alive).

      8.What’s your proudest moment?

      After presentation (not only slides also presenting live a prototype) in Bangkok. I helped to win a big bid.

      9.Your favorite item of clothing?

      Sun glasses.

      10.Your favorite song?

      That is difficult. I like classical music. If “song” means with vocals, maybe “Ich schenk Dis mei Haerz, mer hab i net”, Zuri West (A Siss band). If Opera, then it would be Verdi.

      11. Favourite TV show?

      I don’t watch TV anymore. My last TV fell from the shelf 1989 in Cupertino during the Bay Area Earthquake (The little Big One). Never missed the TV. I used to like “Cheers”.

      My nominees and my new questions for my nominees:

      1. If you could ask some philosopher or scientist a question, who would it be and what would you ask?
      2. What do you consider as best and worst attribute of a person?
      3. Would you change one thing / decision in your life (past), what would it be and why?
      4. What do you consider a successful live?
      5. How would your son/father/(ex)spouse/friend/foe describe you? (Choose one)
      6. Do you consider sex as communication, sport or a smart trick of nature?
      7. Which rules you more, your head or your heart?
      8. Does evil exist and if so name one / someone)?
      9. Why do you blog?
      10. Do you think you have a blind spot?
      11. How do you picture/imagine god (person, pantheistic, other, not / applicable)?

  1. Thanks for the award. Very kind of you: http://thecollectioncup.wordpress.com.
    For this award, I’m supposed to share 7 interesting things about myself: By coincidence the first two things we share.

    There isn’t much that does not catch my interest.
    I function best in high stress, intense situations.
    As an engineer I have a very rational and cold side, like HomoFaber (Max Frisch),
    but as FallenAngel I have a very strong spiritual and creative side.
    I will retire end of this year.
    Then, within my limited skills, I will become a writer and photographer and many other things.
    And go my way, stop to be only a “function” for family, society and employer.

      • Sort of, yes. More busy than ever though. I added a few sport activities like crosscountry skiing and free lance as counsel for a political party on foreign affairs and educate myself about macro economy. I added serious astronomy, and expanded from photography to astro-photography and IR (infrared) photography. In edit an ebook based on the essays of this blog and write two other blogs. Works as planned. Life is good so far, keep finger crossed.

  2. Is your website supposed to have a backdrop above below and behind the page that says “lies lies lies lies” in green computerized letter like the code in the movie “the matrix”? I somehow doubt it. I think it would appear that your site has been hacked by islamists. I hope you are ble to get it fixed.

    I really enjoyed your article on Sufism. Very informative. It would help if you cited a list of references for people that wanted to do further research on the subject.

    • Thanks. Plenty of references to given in the Bibliography at the end of http://wp.me/p2bcCT-2iy, before the Appendix.
      Not hacked really. If you look closely backdrop above below and behind the page that says “lies lies lies lies” has the word truth in red once in a while. Many see the world as an illusion, where one has to dig deeper to see the scare truth. This is what stottilien is about.
      My backdrop quotes a picture from the movie “The Matrix”. In good old days there were computers (actually IBM 3270 Terminals) with green letters against black backdrop. Those “green” screens appear in the movie with lots of 0 and 1 on the screen.
      The movie, with strong Gnostic sprinkles, is about a man, who has realized, that there is something not quite right with the world he sees around him. The explanations given don’t quite fit the facts.
      The humans are kept in an unconscious state in podlike containers in a vast holding field, plugged in to a central computer. In this nightmarish scenario, everything in the world—cars, buildings, cities and countries—are part of a complex computer-generated virtual reality called the Matrix, within which the humans interact. Everything they see, smell and hear is part of this virtual construct and doesn’t really exist. A computer program merely stimulates their brains and deceives them into believing that they are all living normal 20th-century lives—eating, sleeping, working and interacting together. They are all blinded to the truth about how and why they exist. You may interpret this political or psychological,but it seems today, there are more an more lies out there and only glimpses of reality…
      But a handful of people have escaped from the Matrix and know the truth. One of those, tells in the movie: “The world you see is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. . . . Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”
      As matter of fact, this has to do a lot with Sufism, the way I see Sufism any. not connected to any religion or better using them only as a container.

  3. Hi! A reader from Brazil here, student of Jungian works. I just wanted to share what a joyful discovery your website has been to me and how much I am enjoying reading it and learning from your articles. Thank you very much for all this.

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