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Some CIA – C.G. JUNG Gossip I found amusing.

“In Jung: A Biography”, is mentioned that Jung was an Agent. He secretly worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the predecessor to the CIA. His first contact with the OSS was through his patient Mary Bancroft. The celebrated psychologist Carl  Gustav Jung cured Bancroft her asthma through analysis and became a lifelong friend.  The relationship of the exceptionally extroverted woman with Jung was summarized in her New York Times obituary: “To Jung … her appeal was textbook obvious”. In his scheme of things she was an extroverted intuitive like he was. The list of Bancroft’s male consorts over time included besides Dulles the film director Woody Allen, and Time magazine CEO Henry R. Luce.

Bancroft, in German and  good with people was recruited by Dulles to serve as an intelligence analyst for the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) from 1941 to 1945, while living and working in Zurich.Dulles was the OSS chief in Switzerland and later became the first Director of the CIA. It seems that Dulles’s had relationship with  Mary Anne Bancroft, which then also belonged to the circle of friends  of C.G. Jung. 

In 1941, during World War II, Jung’s job was to analyze the psychology of leaders. In return Jung became privy to top-secret Allied intelligence. It has come to light that C. G. Jung operated as “Agent 488” for and his handler, Allen W. Dulles, later remarked: “Nobody will probably ever know how much Prof Jung contributed to the allied cause during the war.” Jung became an important advisor of the US and sent ideas to Eisenhower, how the Germans could be persuaded psychologically of the uselessness of resistance against the allied forces. In 1945, General Dwight Eisenhower read Jung’s ideas for persuading the German public to accept defeat. Allan Dulles relied on Jung’s psycholgical advice, including Jung’s prediction that Hitler would kill himself. Such a characterization of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini can be found in C.G. Jung speaking, Bollinger Press.

2 thoughts on “Some CIA – C.G. JUNG Gossip I found amusing.

  1. CIA head David Petraeus was scheduled to testify about the Benghazi massacre and the security shortcomings. But now he is not going to. There is no way of knowing yet what is true, but all this strongly indicates that what happened in Benghazi is extremely important and that the White House is vulnerable. It is very hard to believe this resignation timing is a naked coincidence.This entire episode stinks to high heaven. It could be that Petraeus was ready to go rogue (and offscript) on Benghazi, and POTUS was tipped off to it. So they threw him under the bus.

    But if he was the director at the time of the Benghazi incident, and if he has been briefed up until now, why shouldn’t he be the one to testify? Does Congress’ summons not apply to him if his job title changes?

    Allegedly he got involved with someone other than his wife. He confessed to this affair in a letter of resignation he submitted to President Obama on Thursday (the same day Fox News reported Congress would call on him to testify), asking to resign “for personal reasons.” Yesterday, President Obama accepted his resignation. He is suddenly no longer director of the CIA.
    An added factor is that, at this stage in the reporting, we are told that Petraeus volunteered the information about his affair, but we are also told that it was uncovered indirectly by the FBI and the probe started in summer.

    “CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday after admitting to an extramarital affair — an affair with his biographer that was revealed over the course of an FBI investigation, Fox News has learned. The FBI had been investigating an unrelated and much broader case before stumbling on the affair. Fox News has learned that during the course of this investigation, the name of biographer Paula Broadwell came up. The FBI followed that lead and in doing so, uncovered his affair with her. The FBI for some time was concerned that perhaps Petraeus was some sort of victim, but there has been no evidence discovered to back up such concerns.”

    On its face, this feels fishy. Why would the FBI expose Petraeus and informing his Boss Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (who would have immediately inform his Boss) on election day? And would Obama think this was a reason Petraeus would have to resign?

    Why did the FBI launch an all-out dragnet over e-mails from Paula Broadwell to Jill Kelly?

    * Why did it take months for the FBI to realize this was about an affair, not corruption?

    * Why was the White House and/or congressional members charged with national-security oversight not alerted before the election?

    * Who else other than the FBI was aware that the CIA chief was under investigation?

    * Why did Petraeus, when briefing Congress on Sept. 14, purportedly push the bogus cover story on Benghazi (i.e., it was about a spontaneous demonstration over the anti-Muslim video) when his agency had information within two hours that it was a terrorist attack?

    * Why is Petraeus excused from testifying further about Benghazi?

    * Why did Director of National Intelligence James Clapper urge Petraeus to resign?

    * Was Petraeus involved in drafting the CIA talking points and/or in preparing U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for her TV appearances on Sept. 16, during which she pushed the false notion that the Benghazi attack was over the anti-Muslim video?

    * Why did Petraeus remain silent when politicians who perpetuated the false narrative for weeks blamed the intelligence community?

    * Who is going to investigate Clapper, Petraeus, FBI chief Robert Mueller, Attorney General Eric Holder and possible White House involvement? Absent an agreement to waive executive and national security privileges for a congressional investigation, isn’t an independent prosecutor of some type needed?

    The timing of this is just too perfect. Nothing is discovered until after the election but before testimony is given to Congress. One theory is that the Obama Administration is behind the revelation that Petraeus was having an extra-marital affair because they were angered that he said things about Benghazi that cast doubt on their story. But if that is the case, why wouldn’t Congress still want to hear Petraeus’ testimony? What is to keep them from calling him to testify even if he is no longer the Director of Central Intelligence?

    I have to wonder if the Obama Administration is telling Petraeus that he had better keep his story in line with theirs or else his lover is going to be charged with espionage. Thus:

    “Meanwhile, law enforcement sources told NBC News that the FBI is currently investigating Petraeus’ biographer, who had extensive access to the general, for improperly trying to access his email and possibly gaining access to classified information. The sources emphasized that Petraeus was not under investigation and added that they did not believe the investigation into author Paula Broadwell would result in criminal charges.”

    Of course, the other possibility is that Petraeus doesn’t really want to testify. Maybe he has some involvement he doesn’t want to come to light.

  2. Petraeus did testify in the meantime. It was clear from the beginning, that the rewrote a watered-down version of their initial report in which thw words ‘Terrorists’, were replaced by by “Extremists”. The terror background of fact was classified as “secret”. Allegedly the CIA feared with a disclosure about the background of Al Qaeda it would become clear that radio and communication of the perpetrators were intercepted, according io “New York Times” . This explanation is not convincing.

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