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Four more tears – when symbolic images deceive

The world is governed by very different personalities than those believe, that do not look behind the scenes! Benjamin Disraeli.

Re-election without mandate

Now what. The story of Obama’s re-election was all about (changing) demographics, hollow phrases and deceiving images  like ” saviour of the poor” and looking presidential. The opponent  was successfully smeared down, without showing a sound strategy for the future. Obama’s support  proved expectedly strong among

  • minorities (90% of African-American, 70 % of Latinos),
  • women
  • inner cities folk (a code word)
  • unmarried (another code)
  • and of course less than thrilled liberals blaming the Bush administration for last four years.

That is as of today but not cast and concrete for the future (unless the GOP never gets their act together).

Unlimited debt

Workers in the industrial midwest tipped it over, thanks to the buyout the American Auto Industry industry with the unpopular and costly TAR. And Yes, Obama’s fiscal policy (if he has one besides unlimited debt and old-fashioned Keynes) ironically suits big money investors and banks more than Romney’s, who showed more economic sense.  But Wall Street needs (errand) boys who can communicate well. You may dislike both candidates, but they do look after American interests. Last night was American Democracy and CNN at its best. Unlike  we,  the slaves of the European Union (and foreign money), America had a real choice.

Cultural fit of myths

Hitler issued in 1942 a press statement: “what we say against the American nation, is first and foremost their utter lack of culture.” Such anthropological nervousness has a long life in Germany: comforting superiority fantasies especially of the Left in Europe. The criticism of America had always something infantile. One knows the process of psychoanalysis:  C.G. Jung speaks of suppressing the shadow, when repressed feelings or emotions to be overcome by projection this shadow on others. For a while, it may even work to increase the self-esteem by devaluing an imaginary person, but there’s always an uncompleted rest. Therefore the ritual must be performed permanently. As long as I can remember, it has been said America goes down. Already in the 1970s, the country was dedicated to the decline, and that was even before people like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush came to power. Europe’s Left  hated that Regan won the Cold War and were grateful that the Bush’s messed up. Those prejudices toward the US have been projected in this election Romney. But they are mushy. Europe is already highly Americanized and America Europeanized.  Political myths and so called ” modern” role models, which Obama plays well on the East and West Coast, are fashioned also in Germany’s diagnosis of modernity.  So does the dream of public spending as solution of todays debt crisis. That is precisely why Germans recognize themselves in a black Attorney from Chicago, because they see in him the opposite of what they consider to be the normal Americans.  They think Obama’s real place of residence is in the heart of the European nanny state. For this award they’ll be eternally grateful to him. For this most Germans even forgive him also that he never closed Guantanamo and sends drones and Navy Seals to kill.  Clueless about the “Third Geld War”  Europeans do not understand how this administration has been serving the interest of big money on the expense of European taxpayers. If the majority of Germans understood they would not even care  – over 51% of Germans dont pay taxes anymore (sounds familiar to 47%?).  The people in Greece and Spain who are hit by austerity measures blame the Germans for their problems.

Obama’s  Europe Touch

The above mentioned demographic split  has received enthusiastic approval even from more or less serious European newspapers: “young intelligent women” and modern multicultural city people secured Obama’s second term” implying against Americas religious or dumb or suburban or white or men or all of above. Obama, who has never cared much about Europe is here received as having an European touch. Isn’t that funny? Hollywood’s great heroic legends and media imago’s (the shed Iowa tears), the Sally-manager, the-one-of-us campaign center visitor) have displaced the moral lessons of the European stage in the favour of the audience. From the mass media to advertising, from fashion to the politics: never in history there has been a so consistent and successful acculturation as the Americanization of Germany. Not America is lost. Europe is.

And how Europe loves Obama’s tears, one hard nosed magazine wrote (also tearfully): “It just broke out from him: tearfully Barack Obama has thanked his campaign team for their support. He felt reminded by the helper of his youth and promised them a golden future.”

More tears to come

Living with the President from the Republican camp was usually easier for Europe because the United States then took here alliance obligations very seriously. Obama has no interest in Europe, his whole attention is somewhere else. When this President  calls Berlin, then only to harassing us, finally  to introduce, Eurobonds so that Wall Street can sleep peacefully again. The attitude of Obama’s economic speakers (taking care of big money interests) towards Europe – and particular Germany will remain:

  • Do more against the euro crisis!
  • The Euro States should assume community debts.
  • You shall reduce public debt through inflation
  • Take the blame for austerity measures after a Wall street firm cooked the Greek figures with loans under the table
  • Hire one G&S alumni to run the EZB and buying up the bonds of sick partner states on the expense of the taxpayers.
  •  And especially the Germans should wave their export successes, which contributed in particular to the trade deficit of the United States with Europe.
  •  You shall pay also for all bail outs and debt of other states

In short add insult to injury. The breakdowns at the election results sound like a Freudian slip: In the State of Pennsylvania the name Mitt Romney shone on a choice machine constantly. Even as the voters on Obama had pressed. In short: Europe (in words Germany) should take over all the weaknesses and wrong recipes of the United States and vice versa.

The major economic tasks and targets Obama’s remain, since nothing has changed – due to lack of success in the first four years. Straight ahead is “fiscal  cliff” in the United States. The tax cuts introduced by former President George W. Bush end up automatically if they are not extended this year. The Republicans want to extend the program. The Democrats want to let it expire. At the same time automatic budget cuts  and tax increases threaten. This fiscal cliff accounts for approximately four to five percent of US economic output. A fiscal shock of this magnitude would throw the United States in a deep recession. Europe is already at this point thanks the Fed, the Soros alike and Wall street. A depression is threatening now the world. However, superpowers do not disappear in the course of years. It will not happen like overnight. We are in a longterm Change (not for the better) that takes decades, if not centuries. Seen in this way, the jury is still out and the prophets of American doom must postpone their hope –  more tears to come though.

Disclaimer. Author is sorry to say was an Obama enthusiastic 2008. But Obama personally changed to the worse instead of bringing  the promised change for the better.