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Was Mary Magdalene a Penitent? NO! . . . well maybe if you look at it like that.

Pope Gregory connected Mary of Magdalene with the sinner (I think labeling her a prostitute came later) who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and dried them with her hairs. Her name is not given in the Luke Gospel. Lk 7, 36-50 is the most beautiful – and sensual – part of my favorite Gospel. It is such a powerful image – Grace and Passion indeed. I strongly believe that Luke not only gives womanhood the uttermost respect, but also favors spiritual rule breakers. It would also believe Pope Gregory’s intention was not at all degrading women. Quite the opposite.

Jesus’ Wedding

As with everything in life, the point of view is critical. Four people standing on the four corners of an intersection will not see the same thing when viewing a car wreck that happens with in that intersection.  Something that is clear to one person on one corner will be obscured to the person on the opposite corner.

The same is true of those who are viewing events from a mystical perspective. When Pope Gregory declared that Mary Magdalene was also the Mary (a prostitute) that wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair, I do not believe he was purposely trying to degrade womanhood as a whole.

OK, everyone take a breath!!!!   Let’s look at the reasons why Pope Gregory would assume such things.

In the mystical realm, there are dual Spiritual Powers: Grace & Passion.

Bread, rain, the cup or grail, light, and lightning symbolically represent the Power of Grace…

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