How to write a great blog

Well done. Common sense, but concise. The article hits the most important point: How the inherent and direct feedback blogs offer can be used to learn, improve and fine tune.

But there is more on that. We are embracing three megatrends in the Brave New World of digital media, science, art and politics.

  • shift from presentation to participation by bidirectional communication
  • using technology  to connect -or disconnect
  • using social media interaction to make the world better -or worse

The present (and future) seem like a net of interconnected social communication beyond AOL and facebook trivia. Like any powerful change agent, social media interaction cannot only used to make the world better but also worse. Just remember the Benghazi events caused by real-time ability and global reach (with a little help and as a smoke screen). Digital interaction can also lead to more fragmentation and isolation.

Yes we have a global conversation, with millions of new people pulling up a seat at the table. That conversation has fueled revolutions and allowed writers to engage with readers — and vice versa — in totally new ways. The success of artist in the future will depend upon their understanding and embracing of this new relationship in  a Garden of Eden blooming with engagement and self-expression, But there is a  snake in the garden -consumerism,  low attention and triviality. As Thoreau said in 1854, “We are in great haste, to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate.”

Most important third trend is the shift from searching for information to searching for meaning even religion. People are using technology to connect with others not just around similar passions and interests, but around the causes that most resonate with them making that identification a central part of their ethos. Blogs are driving more and more of our choices — in terms of what we do, what we value, what we read, and what we believe. And technology has given us the ability to widen the circle of our concern…