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stottilien 2015 in the rear mirror – have a good 2016 and be aware of the Evil

This blog, humbly following G.G. Jung, was viewed more than 110,000 times in 2015, close to 10.000 visitors a month, coming from 179 countries. Thanks for dropping by.

This year begins in Europe with lies, fear and hate, and the future looks dim. On New years Eve, downright evil has happened, the wars spilled to Europe. In Africa and the Americas most likely (by mistake) engineered diseases broke out. Global events went from bizarre to  unreal. We are in transition. It took me a while, to come to grip, does this need a spiritual or a political answer. It seems both.

I warned 2014/2015  be aware of the Black Swan. Frankly I will be silent this time, as I am slightly supersitious and afraid being right again.

I had very bad feelings about the regime change in Syria 2012.

Almost five years later in 2016 the Banality of Evil  by political theorist Arendt’s is so evident and so is that Shadows may gain the upper hand, as said by C.G. Jung.